MicroSerum Inc. – Update about the data center’s status.

Update – What’s new?

Although the MTL 1 data center project was announced in March, with little info since, the progress is important. Also, our current production based out of the Cloud has been doing great, with an increase of 200% of the active services since June.

Since august, our independent network (AS31846) is live, with a BGP session between our AS and Fibrenoire (AS22652). This first transit allowed the launch of our Beta offers (mainly custom dedicated servers), and the configuration of our virtual services (Web and VPS).

Although this first link was quick to deploy, the company remains quite unsatisfied of it’s quality and plan to deploy new links soon.

On October 19th, MicroSerum announced the success of it’s second financing round. This round was made a success by the BDC and the company’s shareholders. This new financing round allowed the company to purchase the redundancy equipment for the data center (cooling and power).


In the next few weeks

In the next few weeks, the installation of our second cooling unit and backup power system will be put in production. The company plans to have the whole infrastructure ready for production before the end of the year.


The projects to come

Although building a data center is a great accomplishment, the company is planning to open a POP in a colocation data center in Montreal.

This new POP will allow MicroSerum to have an offiste backup location (other than what is already present in the Cloud) and easier access to BGP peers.

Even though the first link with Fibrenoire was easy to deploy, many calculations seem to indicate that it will be a better idea to rent a dedicated link between our data center and this new POP, and get transit from there. Also, this method allows MicroSerum to have a better control on the network quality.

Finally, certain clients plan to have heavy network needs, such as an upcoming IX. This new POP will also be an important bridge for these clients.


For any questions, please write to us via any of our contact methods.